Win With Social Media Contests!

A new marketing tactic for companies looking to reach potential customers on Facebook and other large social media platforms is to run contests. The business will make a post asking their visitors to comment and in return they will have a chance to win a free prize. This helps the company generate buzz about their products and services and at the same time it gives you a chance to win free stuff!

You can see an example here. This business which sells waterproof marine stereos and speakers for boats, hot tubs, etc. offered a free marine stereo as a prize. All you had to do to get it was post a comment saying where you liked to go boating! The winner was randomly selected from the list.

This represents another great way to win free prizes. Sometimes all you have to do is click the like button on a post. Other times they will ask you to make up a funny caption for a photo. I once saw a contest from a coffee shop that asked for ideas to name one of their new original beverage concoctions. You could win a gift card for the shop.